180° South (2010)

Day 9: 14/01/2018

180° South, Chris Malloy

A beautiful travel movie with very chill music and narration all along – about surfing, mountain climbing and ecology. I love how this movie combines all these in one place. It is really relaxing as we see them move around the South American continent and even get to the Eastern Island due to a problem with their boat in a storm – but then this chill docu-drama shows young people caring about our environment and teaching us to reconnect with the nature – because that’s where we belong, but if we can’t understand the nature, we will fail to love it too.  I love the commentary along with the movie and the beautiful visuals. Loved the modest 2D animations. Also the analog looking footage and how they connected their story today to Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins’ trip back in the 60s. It is a unique narrative style.  180 South is a movie composed of good music mostly by the Ugly Casanova, nature sports and a care for ecological problems – all these taking place in South America. How better could it be?




Hotel Chevalier (2007)

Day 7a: Forgotten 

Hotel Chevalier, Wes Anderson

I guess for everyone there must be someone who have entered their lives that they can’t get over, wouldn’t like to get over even if they could because in an imaginary world they would dream that with that person they could just live the way they wanted to – and if they are honest enough, another part will tell them that that would never happen – that they are not for each other at all and that them not being over each other is just a pointless waste of time. Isn’t that what love is anyway? Is it not?

HC is Wes Anderson’s expression on those and more with a pinch of yellow, Peter Sarstedt and a feeling of not having time for each other in 13 minutes. This short is also Part 1 of Darjeeling Ltd., his feature film that takes place in a train journey in India.  

What makes it a great short film: creates a deeper and greater meaning for the feature, one extra bite of a delicious meal with a different flavor. It serves a purpose and connects to the core of the story.

Watch it here:

Ah this song ❤

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