La Grande Bellezza (2013)

Day 45: 13/05/2020

La Grande Bellazza, Paolo Sorrentino 

A film on the “feeling of Rome”. I can totally understand that because we feel about on Istanbul as the people who live here too. A film of life, very smooth, moving… Rome is a character just like any other character.

Non linear storytelling – many characters are introduced, they talk about their stuff and then we see it happen. There may be jumps between moments, to emphasize points. Doesn’t care about “hooking the audience in” in the first ten minutes, it has its own storyline and you can follow if you like.

The funeral scene, how he tries not to cry because he is not family, as he explained in the previous scene, he feels he is not the most relevant but she is someone he loved so deeply. The way he caresses the coffin – very heartbreaking.

The details: 

  • the caress on the coffin
  • people checking their lipstick in a funeral


Him asking her husband after she dies, can you tell me why she broke up with me ? Him not understanding who his neighbor was ? life … just passing right before your eyes.

Music – the opera that adds to the grandiose of the La Grande Bellezza.

+ Can you really make a giraffe disappear? 

– Yes. 

+ Then can you please make me disappear? 

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

Day 41: 28/03/2020 *social distancing film club

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, George Roy Hill 

Such an inventive piece of Western. Even its poster reflects this at a first glance. We usually think that old American cinema wants to make its viewers completely forget that they are watching a movie, it just flows by itself. What is contrary to this style is the French New Wave, where actors break rules by looking directly into the camera or speaking their minds, directors break these rules by using editing techniques which makes the viewer aware that they are watching a movie. However, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is a great example of an original movie – sometimes it uses photographs, the colors get to become sepia when they are talking about the past, familiar music comes in (rain drops keep falling on my head…), edit mutes audio sometimes… But it’s a Western movie. Also some really funny moments like how they rob Flyer again and how they bump into the same guy who is too loyal to his company. So many reasons to love this piece of art. Paul Newman’s handsome smile is one of them :).


Каток и скрипка (1961)

Day 39: 18/03/2020 *social distancing film club

Katok i skripka, Andrei Tarkovsky

Going through this time of social distancing I decided to have a cinemateque of my own. Spent yesterday making a huge list of all the films I should see either for the first or thousandth time and started today – feeling very blissful ^_^ . Now I can have days of watching film after film where I can also read books about my favorite film people.

– listening to This Time Tomorrow by Kinks as I write this

– it just rained and this feels fuckin fresh. Like the song fills the whole room.

– dance break.

– I’m back.

Tarkovsky’s father was a poet and his mom was a proofreader. You see that all his shots are like poetry themselves. Mise-en-scene tells the story by itself, that’s why everything he makes is like a filmmaking lesson in itself.

Color communication: emphasis on red. Symbol of communism itself but makes its carrier (the characters or the objects) center of attention, signifies being extraordinary. The buildings (background) are in tones of grey and very light sepia. Costumes of people and workers are in shades of grey. However, the little boy’s notesheet bag is red, the apple he brings to the exam which his friend eats while he was not there is red, shirt of the main worker man is red – he wears it inside his worker uniform, it is like a sign of rebellion. The steamroller is red. Woman who fancies him has a red headscarf. When the boy goes to the cinema he puts on a bright red shirt. Reminds me of Le Ballon Rouge (1956) by Albert Lamorisse in that sense. AND La Double Vie de Veronique (1991).

Mirrors mirrors. Started emphasizing already.

Here are the shots I loved.

The opening.

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 20.19.23

We see that he looks at the world differently.

The apple.

Grey. Grey. Grey. Red. Grey. Red. Grey. Grey.

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 21.00.35

Mirrors and Time.


Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 20.48.00Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 20.48.11Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 20.48.30


Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 21.01.31

Mixtape Marauders (2018)

Day 38: 09/01/2020

Mixtape Marauders, Peter Edlund

One particular scene struck me about this short film is where there are three people in the car, and the two dudes who are sitting at the front are talking to a girl on the back. There is the car’s rear view mirror, and when they speak they speak to “us” breaking the fourth wall. Maybe too much art and cinema education, maybe living in Spain for a long time but this particular image reminded me of Velasquez’s Las Meninas portrait and I just loved this connection.

In Las Meninas we see several subjects. The royal kids, people from the household, Velazquez himself painting, the king and the queen seen from a mirror which should make us question whether Velazquez is looking at them while he is breaking the fourth wall or at us. 


Same goes for this scene. When these guys are talking to the camera, supposedly it is at the girl sitting on the back, you can see her from the rear mirror occasionally but at the same time you feel that they are explaining the concept to you, breaking the fourth wall.

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 2.54.47 PM

Loved the beginning of the movie where he is making us parts of the mixtape while washing the dishes along with cuts from his life (transitions here could connect a bit more though, there could be witty passes). Other than that loved the transitions with music. Like in this scene (great angle) she is talking about her memories but then we start hearing some hip hop beats, boys are dancing to it and we swing from one mood to another without even realizing.

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 2.53.54 PM

You can watch the full thing on Short of The Week: