Paterson (2016)

Day 47: 03 / 04 / 2021

Paterson, Jim Jarmusch

A story told through the ordinary details of a week => we see them wake up in different positions every day, portrays their love and connection very well.

Isn’t that what poetry is? Ordinary details of our lives. Tarkovsky would like this movie for being so plain and limpid.

Coincidences that hang in the air such as the twins that keep coming up after Laura says that in her dream she saw that they were having twins. Isn’t life like that? There are so many coincidences we can’t explain yet they keep on happening. Beautiful details to ordinary lives.

Other beautiful details from this movie:

  • How Laura is obsessed with textures, and lines and black and white
  • How plain the whole movie is, too plain at some points, but just like Paterson’s poetry
  • How Paterson listens to the conversations in the bus, they are excerpts from the heart of life
  • How Paterson is not ready to share his poems, like a real artist, artistic struggles – not like people who are way too eager to share everything on Instagram

Not everyone’s cup of tea because people are used to stories having a beginning, middle and end. However, once you get in the grip of watching movies just for the sake of watching them, to see the bare reality it shows you which doesn’t necessarily need start or end anywhere, where things can remain unexplained, because in life some things are unexplained – you start really enjoying these types of movies.

Here is a link to the Paterson press conference at Cannes Film Festival:

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