La Grande Bellezza (2013)

Day 45: 13/05/2020

La Grande Bellazza, Paolo Sorrentino 

A film on the “feeling of Rome”. I can totally understand that because we feel about on Istanbul as the people who live here too. A film of life, very smooth, moving… Rome is a character just like any other character.

Non linear storytelling – many characters are introduced, they talk about their stuff and then we see it happen. There may be jumps between moments, to emphasize points. Doesn’t care about “hooking the audience in” in the first ten minutes, it has its own storyline and you can follow if you like.

The funeral scene, how he tries not to cry because he is not family, as he explained in the previous scene, he feels he is not the most relevant but she is someone he loved so deeply. The way he caresses the coffin – very heartbreaking.

The details: 

  • the caress on the coffin
  • people checking their lipstick in a funeral


Him asking her husband after she dies, can you tell me why she broke up with me ? Him not understanding who his neighbor was ? life … just passing right before your eyes.

Music – the opera that adds to the grandiose of the La Grande Bellezza.

+ Can you really make a giraffe disappear? 

– Yes. 

+ Then can you please make me disappear?