I Origins (2014)

Day 40: 22/03/2020 *social distancing film club

I Origins, Mike Cahill

Love the part where we see their love to progress but we hear their talk: “what’s your favorite color? what is your favorite fruit?” and it’s not just romantic but gains meaning at the end of the story too. The storytelling format I really like – every scene, every bit is stiched to another one. They all have meaning. All the cool dialogues have meaning, goes a step further than making us think of cool stuff but they also serve the story.

Definitely reading the script of this as a film class. This is the type of a movie that I’d love to have made. Brit Marling is a great creative inspiration too, every project that she is in is opening new worlds to me. Would love to know the books she is reading.

Also love the idea of taking photographs of people’s eyes – it shows in one and thousand images that we are all unique to ourselves but are very similar to each other. It also shows that as humans we all carry a part of the universe in us and just how powerful we are as humans, as part of nature, as part of something bigger than ourselves. Our eyes are like a micro image of space – explosions, atoms and blackholes… they are all there.

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