Arizona Dream (1993)

Day 36: 11/12/19

Arizona Dream, Emir Kusturica

Really wanted to watch this movie for a very long time because of its soundtrack and also because my parents watched it together when my mom was pregnant with me.

Movie with its own world, its own rules and faces. Shows you you can be so flexible and fantastic within a regular story. No structures, forget about solid matters and flow with your story. The beginning scene was so affecting. That’s the style of Emir Kusturica, he can make a scene very intense – especially the death scenes. He goes all the way, like in life you could have wanted to avoid that intensity and he doesn’t let you, he makes you live and understand every second of that death scene (so he mostly uses current timing with no cuts).

I laughed hard at the mocking North by Northwest scenes and the ending. Also like to assume that Axel’s older lover being called Elaine is a reference to The Graduate(1967) by Mike Nichols.

Was cool to see some similarities between the Time of the Gypsies and Arizona Dream such as the subtle soundtrack that came at certain points which almost connected to the famous Ederlezi but it didn’t. Also the scene where Grace gets dressed all in white, starts walking and her hat flies away with wind – the exact same scene with Azra in time of the Gypsies, you anticipate what’s gonna happen next.

Also I like to realize some symbols and motifs (recurring elements) from Kusturica.

  1. The main character has an animal they are attached to: the turtles, the turkey…
  2. Flying (mostly for death associations)
  3. Intense death scenes
  4. Balkan music as soundtrack