Joker (2019)

Day 35: 03/11/2019

Joker, Todd Phillips

Color palette enhances the claustrophobic atmosphere, the feeling that you can’t get out of a place. The whole movie is in the tones of Joker’s mask and clothes (green, yellow and red), so it is as we are looking at the world through that mask too. As the audience, the green hue is just so strong on us.

Love the part where he is unsure if his mother is lying to him, or if she is being denied by Thomas Wayne as she claims he is the father of Joker. However, in the mental hospital, Joker finds documents that prove her mother abused her as a child and gave him his condition – and it is almost a tangible breaking point in the movie.

Also love how we always see the Wayne family killing as the Batman story usually,  and here it is the final scene for the Joker movie.





Cinematography breakdown by Lawrence Sher:

‘Joker’ Cinematographer Lawrence Sher Breaks Down Shooting Two Pivotal Scenes