The Dark Knight (2008)

Day 34: 16/10/2019

The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan

Beginning => first character we are introduced to is the antagonist, Joker. Not through a physical appearance of him though, through the actions of the gang who follow his instructions on robbing a bank. Joker told each member in the chain to kill the one before him, so they all thought they would share a bigger portion of the bank money. Before Joker enters the bank himself with a huge truck, we see that the whole team kills each other and Joker just collects all the money and leaves. Shows his manipulative power and wit from the very first scene.

What makes the character successful => he is not plain bad, his plans are mean but they also present people with ethical dilemmas where the solution would take them to his level – survival vs death: to pick survival you have to pick the side of the evil. The boat scene is a great example of this. Even though we don’t see his backstory here, he tells everyone different backstories regarding himself, he has a subtle but clear message: people act nice or mean depending on their conditions, nobody’s plainly right or wrong, good or bad. Even in the scene where he kills one of Batman’s supporters who wears the Batman costume, he paints his face to Joker face and puts the Batman mask on – great symbolism for the overall theme of the film : you and I are the same, you mask the evil within you but it is there, waiting for a little push to be revealed.