Suleiman Mountain (2017)

Day 33: 17/09/2019

Suleiman Mountain, Elizaveta Stishova 

A road trip movie on the outskirts of beautiful Kyrgyzstan, with very unusual characters. Starts off with a woman picking her son from an orphanage, then her dad comes to see him, and the dad’s mistress who claims to be pregnant. They are on the road, sleeping at the back of dad’s truck. Very dynamic story because every scene introduces a new turn of events, there’s almost no non-events in the story. Very impactful scenes such as the dad stealing money from a relative after a traditional gathering of celebrations. The money he steals is a gift for a newborn baby and when his son learns what he did, he throws himself from his dad’s truck. His mom goes to save him and their dad leaves them there and drives away with his mistress. However the mistress gets sick and they need the mom to heal the mistress. It doesn’t work and the mistress loses her baby. She is always suspicious that the boy does not belong to her lover but that he is a random boy from the orphanage. So even though the mom saved her life she goes on to research the boy and informs her lover that the boy’s parents have died when he was four. Dad gets really upset learning that and gets mad at her for saying it, he confronts the mom who accidentally falls from a cliff and dies.

Beautiful shots and mise-en-scenethat grab the viewer’s attention

Color grading: tones of blue

Great film to learn about Kyrgyz culture, hear their songs and see new scenery.


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