Before Sunrise (1995 )

Day 31: 17/07/2019

Before Sunrise, Richard Linklater 

Last night I watched this movie again, I think for the 3rd time. Because I want to make a similar short film soon that takes place in a small Albanian city, I broke up the script in parts as I see it on screen.

This movie is in the form of a beautiful essay as they walk around Vienna. A lot of human-space relationship. As they move through places, they change the topic of their conversation accordingly – when they go inside a church they start talking about religion, when they walk around a fun fair they talk about the way  their grandparents lived love, when they have to say goodbye they talk about the concept of goodbye. So many ideas – like feminism having been invented by man. This film is like an essay full of arguments – mostly contradicting, being voiced by people coming from very different backgrounds. Since they both usually have contrasting arguments, this Vienna-walkthrough essay feeds my academic heart.

I also like how they encountered local people along the way and incorporated them into the story. Rather than following a touristic route – since they are in Vienna – they follow their own path.

He wanted to walk around like a ghost -anonymously- in unknown cities. I sometimes do that too. It must be a common feeling. It should have a name.

Here’s even an A-Z guide for many things they talk about: