Her (2013)

Day 29: 13/04/2019

Her, Spike Jones

Somehow this movie is very parallel to a short movie I’d like to make called O Buradayken. The way two main characters connect who don’t even share the same dimension – they are in different time frames – , the way they bond, the colors used, the angles, the walking shots, the disconnection protagonist feels from his own world and both move with the voice of a female who is not of that world – it is so interesting to see an idea in your mind to find a completely different form. It is so fun to watch. It’s also great that I haven’t watched this before I wrote my own script.

Great metaphor / or food of thought for the digital relationships we have with people around us. Love => how they shut the screen to black in the scene they are making love, it is two dimensional and you can feel it as a viewer this way. Love the big city views seen by his home, and that also emphasizes his individuality within the big city to me. Also love that she composed a song as a photograph – a song to capture the moment.