Les Dites Cariatides (1984)

Day 28: 28/03/2019

Les Dites Cariatides, Agnes Varda 

There is a cinematheque opening in my neighborhood very soon, and they started showing movies by devoting this month to Agnes Varda and a huge selection of her films. Yesterday, I watched couple short films by her, unfortunately today I learned she passed away.

There are many things about her cinema that affects me, like the way she interacts with cities and uses statues, stairs, objects in comparison to subjects in our lives. Watching these shorts by her made me want to grab my camera and just walk around in my own city, Istanbul, recording everything I love about it and commenting on them. Her take on the caryatids of Paris, how they can be compared to naked people walking around, how they are trusted “to carry” subjects like law on their shoulders, how she strengthened her storytelling with poems by Baudelaire and the music she used with those shots was very inspirational.

Interesting article: http://cleojournal.com/2018/04/11/wandering-in-the-presence-of-womenles-dites-cariatides/?fbclid=IwAR0YkIwlPhm2S_MTVdnmbTTVWsvscA13VW2KOVOsajsUE2QrdKW-IrAOVt8


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