Arrival (2016)

Day 20: 22/12/2018

Arrival, Dennis Villeneuve

Thoughts = Language shapes the way we think. Aliens communicate in a different way than us – probably -. Then, Aliens may have a different perception of concepts around us. This movie takes this premise and makes it into a multi-layered story. These aliens who arrive on Earth have a very different perception of time than us, they can know the future, and when Dr.Louisie Banks starts to communicate with them, she starts to think from their perspective too – the time is not linear for her anymore. It’s a look at the alien-encounter concept through language. It is very tense, just as how encountering and communicating with aliens would be. Plus, the density in music adds incredibly to this atmosphere.

At first I was really impressed that the spaceships (if that’s the way to call them) landed on 12 different points on Earth, however when I saw American propaganda about China being the hostile force, the country that could mess everything up, the country that was followed by Russia and Sudan, I wasn’t very impressed, because it looked funny. But overlooking that fact, this was a great movie.




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