My Quentin Tarantino Month – December 2018

=> I decided to dedicate this December a Tarantino month for myself and hope to continue making every month of 2019 assigned to a certain subject. It could be devoted to a director, a certain wave in cinema history, a certain genre or a theme. This month I not only watched all his movies again with a fresh eye, but I watched so many of his interviews, read his scripts, read articles about him, watch behind the scenes videos and read a book written about him.

Some notes:

  • You can work with very famous actors and still shape them for your story.
  • Have signature scenes for all your movies – one scene that usually people remember your movie with.
  • Branding – have a mark in film. Like the milk, cereal or bread in Tarantino movies. All naive breakfast items, yet, whenever they are in the scene you know there will be some explosion. Or those major bloody scenes. You wait for the last quarter of each of his films to be an orchestra of bloodbath.
  • MUSIC – one of the most fun parts, fly with it. The beginning of Inglourious Basterds starts with Fur Elise that turns into a Western song.

He is one of my favorite director geniuses but once I started to listen to his interviews I started to realize there are so many things I have in common with his way of thinking and that made me so happy. Such as:

  • He likes to tell historical stories, not as biographies but as genre stories.
  • He likes to play music between scenes on set.
  • He likes to see his movies in comic-book form.
  • He spends a lot of time on his scripts.
  • He is moved by the style in 1960s.
  • He is moved by pop culture.
  • He is so happy to be on his own movie set.
  • He is so enthusiastic about this.
  • Every scene, every beat, every decision serves a purpose => that’s really really powerful.

=> January 2019 : French New Wave Month. 


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