Pulp Fiction (1994)

Day  18: 21/12/18

Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino

I decided to do something different before I re-watched this film. I read the script first and then saw the movie.

=> the first scene of the story is also the last scene. The whole plot goes around like a circle and ends where it begins. I loved that.

=> 3 entangled crime stories – the protagonist of one dies in another’s story unexpectedly.

=> One of the most tense scenes I saw in my life: Butch comes to his house expecting people to be after him, finds no one, relaxes and goes to the kitchen to toast some bread, the house is completely silent, suddenly he realizes that there is a gun on the kitchen counter, at the same time hears the flush – someone actually came to kill him and he entered the house when he was in the bathroom and left his gun in the kitchen.

=> When I saw Mia chilling in that house drinking whiskey I wanted to do the exact same thing with a Q. Tarantino soundtrack.

=> That dance scene ❤

=> At first when Vincent and Jules goes to kill the three guys in the house, one of them holds cereals that explode all over the place once a gun explodes, Butch toasts bread in the house that explodes with gunfire, in Kill Bill the same happens to the cereals. Classic Tarantino. Shows the effect of the explosion with the most naive thing, he uses opposites. Just like the soundtrack of his movies – sometimes so opposite to the scene that it matches it perfectly.

=> The color palette => bold red, bold blue, bold yellow: reminds me of Kill Bill Vol. 1’s palette a lot. Also a lot of black and white used on the clothes. With Kill Bill Vol.2 his palette starts to alter.

READ: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2013/03/making-of-pulp-fiction-oral-history


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