Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003)

Day 16: 03/12/18

Kill Bill Vol.1, Quentin Tarantino

=> Every scene of this movie is an art form in itself. Every scene. If anybody would give me pictures of shots in this movie I can easily put them in order – that’s how memorable and impactful this movie is on me. Every scene is very thought through and designed intricately.

=> So many tools are used to tell the story and they are always used purposefully. Such as the ceiling view in the first fight scene between Bea and Vernita in the kitchen. When Bea enters the kitchen you see it from above and it is completely clean, nothing extraordinary. When she leaves the kitchen, it’s all a mess, there is cereal all over the floor and a dead body. It’s just the beginning for this movie. When O-ren Ishii’s backstory is told, it is done so with an anime – because she is Chinese-Japanese. Such a fitting and fun way of introducing a character.

=> Color communication on point. Bold red. Bold yellow. And bold night blue in just one scene, memorable enough.

=> Insanely good rhythm. Like a heartbeat. Always keeps you on your toes.

=> OMG THE MUSIC CHOICES. Blows my mind.

=> Takes the characters and the action to the fullest. Are you surprised or impressed by something? The next scene will take it to a higher level.

=> Last scene: reverses the whole premise of the story. What Bea thought she lost, what she had been revenging for, is actually not lost. That’s like the last hit of that rhythm. Movie ends on such a high note, you know there is a sequel full of story.

=> Loved re-watching this so much that declared this week Tarantino month for myself. Tarantino movies, interviews, inspiration, video analyses, music…everything.

One thought on “Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003)

  1. One of the few movies I like to watch again. It’s such a classic nowadays that every millennial knows this one. You’re so right about the arty way of scenes, i didn’t see it like that before you wrote it. I’d like to add that Uma Thurman is so so pretty and spectacular as an actrice here but her feet are fugly and that’s what Kill Bill is to me, so so pretty but at last fugly.


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