Finding Vivian Maier


Day 15: 11/10/2017

Finding Vivian Maier, John Maloof, Charlie Siskel

Oh, this was EPIC. You know how it is said that some things “find you in life”, this could be no coincidence that this man bought Vivian Maier’s sealed box of photographs – he has the power to give her what she deserves: he could make a documentary about someone who he doesn’t know at all, have never met and who he never will. He goes after her premise and learns that she used to be a nanny. So he interviews all the kids she looked after. She chose to be a nanny so she could be outside taking pictures. For a regular person from our century, it is insane that she has been that good and never achieved fame. Could she not approach anyone? Is it because she was SO weird that she had no one close to her? How come thousands of insanely good pictures kept hiding in boxes? This documentary was one of the most touching I have seen about photography or life – and the fact that she has been doing these just because she loved it, she found life in it is just mesmerizing. Also, the fact that she collected so many newspapers because it can be seen that she was interested in humans in their purest sense, that crazy animalistic being with a brain that is not behind any other wilder creature is just so plain and authentic.



Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Day 14: 16/12/2017

Star Wars, The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson

Despite all the good reviews about this movie, I couldn’t find anything bearable about it. There were way too many unStar Wars moments. At first, Luke Skywalker refuses to teach being a Jedi to Rey for what feels like 45 minutes – which also seems very obvious since the beginning that he is gonna accept it at some point. Then when he finally agrees, he guides Rey to kind of meditate not like a Jedi but like my Yoga teacher. However, in her first try, with no efforts or anything Rey immediately hits rock bottom of a dark world and both her and Luke gets really terrified. It’s just that everything happens so easily in this movie that it doesn’t even make me believe in them. Also, one of things I hate about movies is that when they pretend to do something but they can’t dare to hit the highest note : it happens a lot of times in  The Last Jedi. It’s obvious that they are striving for a calculated success instead of telling a sincere story but I hope it will come to an end soon. The cast started to look like a highschool reunion of all the bullied people.