Es war einmal Indianerland (2017)

Day 12: 15/04/2018

Es war einmal Indianerland, Ilker Catak

Such a fun film that I watched in Istanbul Film Festival where every scene is thought upon. A lot of time manipulation which not only happens with the editing but also with shooting angles. The movie definitely had a rhythm of its own and the soundtrack is super lively. This could easily be watched as a film class assignment and trying to recreate the scenes would be so much fun. My favorite one is when Mauser gets high and starts hearing noises from water in a plastic bottle when he opens to drink it. When he puts his hand on it like a lit the sound stops and when he opens it again the music starts playing again. One thing I learned from director Ilker is that he told us the actors and actresses who come from acting school stay more truthful to the script whereas the non-schooled ones choose to improvise and play with the dialogues. Interesting to see that native American man in crucial scenes which adds another layer to the movie.