Get Out (2017)

Day 11: 21/03/18

Get Out, Jordan Peele

First glance, I loved the soundtrack and color of the titles – signaling that what I am about to watch is going to be something original.

The film was very good – very very good. It is not just a horror movie to plainly scare you but it is a social commentary on marks of racism in American society. The film starts of with a more contemporary approach to the issue – such as police asking African Americans for IDs, a family meeting an African American boyfriend, the reactions of a group of old caucasian people towards Chris (the main character). However, the movie goes much much deeper than that.

I love the main symbol of the movie = which is hypnosis through a teacup. Teacup can easily be seen as the main symbol of colonialism and how British rule spreads its poison all around the world.

The second symbol I love is how Chris pulls out the cotton out of the armchair he is tied to – it is as well a reference to the history of African American history where they are set to work in cotton agriculture, and to save their life they need to collect that cotton just like Chris.

**Addition from May, 20

How could I miss this ? Get Out is a great reference to Shining:

  • The titles in same flashy blue tone
  • Having the titles over whispery mysterious music and shot of woods
  • A hotel / house to reflect atrocities happened in the past
  • Many symbols/references pertaining to that past
  • the blank look on people’s faces