Hotel Chevalier (2007) Cinematography Journal

This scene shows how he likes to (and pretends to) blend in with this new environment he created for himself.

It’s not just the color of his bathrobe to the overall tone of the room but also the way he tries to order his food in French – but that needs some help. He is happily messy in his room until he gets a phone call from his ex – after that everything starts to change.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 4.22.46 PM

He cleans up the room and puts on a suit that is in complete contrast with the room – the way he likes to portray himself is different than his inner world.

When she comes, we see that she also wears grey – could we say he tries to match her by putting on a mask? Over prepared with the music and everything. Could this be the problem? People usually love to put on masks to make themselves look “better” than they are in their minds – but maybe if they would let others in and just be themselves, other people would find them way more original.

She comes in with flowers. Is she the “Chevalier” and him “the damsel in distress” waiting in his comfort castle?

Being the dominant character, she easily takes over the power in the room. She slips something in his luggage – will we know that this is in The Darjeeling Ltd?

Confrontation looks like this.

Is she over me? Does she know that I’m over her? Because I’m totally are. 

Does he still love me? Does he still care? 

Now they both stand out in the room – and slowly get closer.

Where many people reviewed this film as being vague, to me to me it is a really clear representation of vague relationships.

“Whatever happens between us, I don’t want to lose your friendship at the end”. 

“I never see you as a friend”

In terms of colors, they still belong to different worlds in the end.

Here is the Wes Anderson signature in the titles.

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