The Eagle Huntress (2016)

Day 3 : 28/06/2017

The Eagle Huntress, Otto Bell 

Watching this docudrama made me really emotional – I had tears to my surprise every time I saw the cherry cheeks of the little girl who played the eagle huntress. Because I could understand her language when I heard it and suddenly the English subtitles under it became meaningless. I watched this movie when I was working in Hong Kong, so knowing that if I would go way up north passing China to Mongolia, I could use my mother tongue and people would understand me is such a mesmerizing thought. That thought has power. In Turkey it is known as a regular thing that Turkish is among the most common languages in the world (in the top 10). Nevertheless, I could never understand what this really means. I never got to experience it. I have never been to any countries that have Turkish roots, so seeing that I could understand strangers far far away from my hometown on a remote mountain was incredible. This movie made the phrase “as Turks we immigrated from Middle Asia to here” meaningful for me for the first time. That person who doesn’t even look similar to me speaks the same language as me. It is not something I can get over easily.

Besides these, this documentary is one of the most profound I have ever seen. Telling the powerful story of a young girl who doesn’t accept not to be where she has been decided upon to be is a hell yeah! topic and means more to me than any other gender-based films that don’t really resonate with me. She is a f*cking  eagle huntress. The images are beautiful, the mountains are beautiful and the close ups on faces and clothes are really emotional. Close ups on eagles are really exciting. If we are going to watch and make women empowerment stories, I think they should be along the line of this documentary : by not shoving to our faces memorized commentary (i am not an object)   to our faces, rather by telling real stories. 

=> The Eagle Huntress Cinematography Journal 

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