Ghost World (2001)



1.  18/07/2017:

Ghost World, Terry Zwigoff :

Oh that feeling where everyone you know seems to have an idea of what they want to do with their lives and you just wonder: “how can they be so sure?” => Loved how they worked with the concept of loneliness, alienation and indecisiveness here.

When the people closest to you don’t want the things that you want anymore, so you drift apart but left feeling a longing for them. They don’t seem to bother themselves with it that much. It is painful to understand that that special person is not how you remember her/him as, they are who killed your favorite person . So you put yourself in an illogical war with their new self and want your old friendship back.

=> also LOVED the criticism of what we see and approve of as  “art” => tampon in a teacup: give it feminist commentary and you are seen to be a great artist. Nothing has changed since then (2001). 

~ Watching this comic book based movie was a delight along with its artistic style, the production design and a young Scarlett Johansson with a super cool Thora Birch. 

=>     Ghost World in Cinematography Journal

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