Ghost World (2001) CJ

Day 1: 18/07/2017:

Ghost World, Terry Zwigoff : 

3 thoughts on “Ghost World (2001) CJ

  1. Love this movie and the small surprise scene at the end. In my opinion this movie in a sentence is ‘oh hey we got out of the high school train and there is a million possibilities of things to do, well, I rather get caught up in anything other than what parents want and use the lottery on random adults and make impulsive decisions and see how life goes.’
    It also points so well the American cliché of living and the difference of character in people. This movie aces the unentanglement near its end. Also Buscemy looks like a total creep.


    1. Hahha he does! Yes I love how this movie shows that you can be best friends with someone in one context and when you pass that by you just grow apart – it is one of life’s hurtful truths to me.


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