A Cure For Wellness (2016)

Day 4: 27/06/2017

A Cure For Wellness, Gore Verbinski

When I think of this movie, all I can see is green and many agitated tones of green. By far, one of the weirdest (creepy weird!) movies I have ever seen. Especially when you say “okay I don’t think they can go any further than that” – the movie goes a step further. Jason Isaacs is the lead actor in the role of a doctor, and after seeing him handle such a complex character of a cruel being acting as a protective daddy in OA,  I knew his was gonna be an interesting performance. I really loved that the film took place in Switzerland – this makes the setting even more mysterious and dark in an original way for me. It has this “mansion on top of a mountain where no one knows what’s going on” feel to it and the cinematography is outstanding. What you see on screen will definitely be inspiring but I can’t tell you your experience will be pleasing.   

=> A Cure For Wellness Cinematography Journal 

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